How to select Suitable UV ballasts for your UV system?

select suitable uv ballast

How to select Suitable UV ballasts for your UV system?

A UV system is composed of UV lights, UV ballasts, as well as UV Sensors.Choosing a suitable ballast not only ensures the normal operation of the UV system, but also can ensure the lifespan of the UV lamp.
How to choose best suitable ballasts for your UV bulbs and system? You need to consider the following factors such as UV lamp brand, Model No and parameter, Input Voltage, ballast size, signal feedback and control etc.

1)Confirm UV ballast parameters


Once we get the UV lamp brand, Model No, lamp current,lamp power, preheat current, preheat time, we can choose the same range current and Power ballast for you.It is important to know the brand of UV lamps, as different UV lamps have different filament preheating currents and preheating times, we need to adjust our Ballast parameter according to these info so that totally match your UV lights.

2) Confirm UV Ballast start-up type

If your UV lamp are 2 pins ,it need to use our Instant start electronic ballasts(EPL)
If your UV lamp are 4 pins, it need to use our Preheat start electronic ballasts(EPS)


3) Select ballast Input Voltage

Our UV ballasts have 4 kinds input Voltage
1.100-130V Low Pressure
2.220-240V High Pressure
3.110-240V Universal Voltage
4.110-277V Universal Voltage


4)Choose waterproof and dustproof type

No waterproof: If the ballasts are installed in control box and no need to waterproof request, you can use our terminal type UV ballast (IP20 Version)
Waterproof version: if the ballasts have the risk of rain (IP65) or needs socked in water (IP68), you need to choose our waterproof ballast.

5) UV Lamp Status feedback

Sometimes, you need to know the UV lamp status, so the ballast need to show the signal.There are 3 types feedback you can choose, LED Indication, 5V signal and relay contacts

1) LED Indication, Status indication via gree/red LED Light

Green light on: UV lamp on
Red light on: UV lamp fault


2) 5V Signal: Status indication via 5V DC signal output indicators

DC 5V: lamp on
DC 0V: lamp fault
Also can connect LED


3) Free Relay Contacts

Status forwarding through potential free relay contacts for lamp on/lamp fault
Relay activated:lamp on



6. Remote Control or dimming request

There are two ways to remotely control, one is to use a ballast with remote switch function for remote control on/off. Another way is to use intelligent ballasts with remote communication interfaces such as RS232/RS485.
Some ballasts also have dimming function, which can be divided into PWM dimming, 0-10V voltage dimming, and 4-20mA current dimming according to the dimming method. For some ballasts with communication control functions, remote switching and dimming can be choose.


7. Display of UV lamp usage time

In some applications, it is necessary to monitor the service life of UV lamps and remind them to replace them regularly, Intelligent ballasts with timer can be used, our Ballast can show 365 days or 9000 hours according to your request.

With the above suggestions and steps , you can choose the suitable UV ballasts for your UV sterilization system.
The simple way is you send us the datasheep of your UV lamps, or send the UV lamp tube to our company. After testing, we will match you the most suitable ballasts.

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