How does a UV ballast work?

uv ballast circuit diagram

How does a UV ballast work?

How does a UV ballast work and turn on the UV bulb?  What is the working principle of ballast? This Blog will take you understanding how electronic ballast works.

The UV lamp ballast is the core component of the UV lamp and UV system, which converts the unstable alternating current into a stable direct current and provides high-frequency pulses to make the UV lamp work.

The process of lighting up ultraviolet lamps with UV ballast mainly includes multiple stages such as power filtering, voltage transformation, rectification, filtering, voltage regulation, oscillation, etc.

Firstly, power filtering is to ensure the quality of the input current of the power supply, making it stable and clean.

Secondly, the transformer increases or decreases the input voltage of the power supply to meet the working requirements of the ultraviolet lamp.

Thirdly, rectification converts the AC current output by the transformer into DC current

Fourthly, the filtering process is aimed at filtering out clutter and ripple in the DC current, making it more stable

Fifthly, the voltage regulation process is to ensure that the DC current input to the UV lamp is stable within a certain voltage range.

Finally, the oscillation stage by capacitance and inductance provides high-frequency pulses to make the UV lamp work, and the current during the operation of the lamp is reasonably controlled.

The closer the frequency of inductance and capacitance is,the resonance will occur.When these two frequencies coincide,a high voltage will be instantly generated,which is the starting voltage of the ballast.The starting voltage is the maximum output load of the electronic ballast,and the starting voltage must be higher than the starting voltage of the lamp tube to turn on the ultraviolet lamp.

After the UV light is turned on, the ballast provides a normal current to the UV light to maintain its operation

Through the above steps, unstable power input can be converted into stable DC current, and the UV lamp can work stably.

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