Why UV ballast not working?

uv ballast not working

Why UV ballast not working?

Sometimes the UV ballasts in your UV systems are not working or can not turn on the UV lamps, what are the reasons, this blog will tell you the answers below,

1.UV lamp is not bright enough, or the lamp tube turns red?

First check whether the lamp tube matches the UV ballast, then check if the working temperature is too low. Too low temperature can cause the lamp power not enough and turns red.

2 UV Lamps turns black

Input voltage error
Frequently turn on and turn off the UV lamps
Starting voltage is too high or mistake preheat time
UV ballast prehear current too high

check whether the lamp tube matches the UV ballast, make sure if too many time of turn on and turn off the UV lamp. If many times turn on the UV lamps one day, pls use our Preheat start models, if turn on/off lower than 4 time one day, pls choose our instant start models.

3.High surface temperature of UV ballast

Since the ballast is a power product, the heating is normal. As long as the surface temperature of the shell is lower than 70 ° C, it can work normally.If the customer feels overheated, they can cool down the ballast by air cooling

4.UV ballast have power , but UV lamp doesn’t turn on

Check the datasheet to see if the UV lamp matches the UV ballasts, and then check if UV lamp and UV ballast connect right

5.Ballast do not have respond

Check whether the power supply has power, whether the voltage is consistent with the ballast voltage, and whether the power line is connected correctly

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