How to Replace UV Ballast ?

How to Replace UV Ballast ?

Replacing a faulty or old UV ballast involves a few key steps.

First, you’ll need to isolate and disconnect the ballast by turning off power to the UV system at the breaker box.

Then, open the electrical cabinet and locate the wiring going to the ballast. Carefully remove the wiring connections, taking note of wire colors and locations. Also disconnect the ballast from its mounting.


With the old ballast removed, you can install the new replacement ballast. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper mounting and wiring. Reconnect the wiring to the lamps and power supply using the same configurations as the old ballast.


Once installed, restore power to the UV system and test for proper operation. Turn on the lamps and use a UV meter to verify intensity levels are within specifications. Also check for any faults or errors. The ballast may need some minor adjustments to tuning and settings when first installed.


Retesting the system after a ballast replacement is crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness. Only when all tests pass should the UV system be put back into normal service. Proper maintenance and testing extends the lifespan of the new ballast.

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