UV Ballast Application 

UV Ballast UV3000PLUS (EPS2X250W/2.0A) for Amalgam UV lamps use in uv water purification and disinfection system for Industrial  market,Industrial sewage treatment, Municipal wastewater treatment.



> Low repair rate less then 0.5% make you no longer worry about the after sales problem.

> Competitive price can save your cost for manufacture your uv desinfection system.

> CE approval the stable quality and performance.

> Standard or customized version can be provided on customer  request


Electronic ballast for two-lamps operation

 To be used with four-wire lamps

 Preheat start

  High Efficiency

  High Reliability

  Long Lamp Life

 Low Inrush Current

Constant Lamp Power Control

Dimming Down to 60% Power

Lamp End of Life Protection

Analog Remote on/off and Dimming (PWM)

Technical Data

Lamp power:       2X250W

Lamp type:          GPHHA1554T6L

Lamp current:        2.1A

Power regulation:   +-3%

Lamp Voltage: 115-160Vrms at 100% power

                        Max:200Vrms at 60% power

Lgnition Voltage:      1000 Vp

Dimming:         60% to 100% (lamp power )

Preheat Current:        3Arms-4 seconds

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Mains voltage: 198~264VAC 50/60Hz
Efficiency.: >90%
Operating frequency: 47~63 KHz
Power factor: >0.98 typ.

Input Line Current:     10 A peak

Current THD:              < 5 %


Efficiency:    >95% at nominal power
Protections:   Open /short output ground
                        Fault Temperature
                       Input under / overvoltage
                       EOL rectrification
Cooling:          Convection

Operating t temperature: 0~45oC
Storage:          -40~85oC

Dimensions: 440 x 123 x 48mm


Input:              TE 350789-1 (3-pole)

Output:           TE 640900-1 (3-pole)

Control          FCI 71918-210LF (10-pole)