Haisen UV Monitor HM-1

Haisen UV Monitor HM-1



Haisen UV Monitor Application

Haisen UV Monitor HM-1 Monitoring of relative UV-intensity (depending on sensor type) (%).The mains-driven panel meter HM-1 serves with the respective sensors for a continuous radio-metric control of lamps, especially Uators.Different UV and visible spectral ranges can be controlled with the corresponding sensors.


Technical Data

Measuring range: 0~20mW/cm2
Resolution: +/- 0.2%
Display: relative % and timer
Weight: 320g
Operating temp.: 0~50oC
Storage temp.: -10~70oC
Humidity: <80%
Supply voltage: 85~265VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 48X48X84mm
Open Dimensions: 45X45mm
Sensor signal input: 0~5V DC
Relay contact for alarm: 1 X time-over
and 1 X UV low contact


Part number: 71001001
0~50mW Part number: 71001003

Haisen UV Monitor HM-1