Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp EPS40W/425A/IP65


Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp Application 

Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp EPS40W/425mA/IP65 can be  used in UV water purification and disinfection system in Residential  market. 



> Low repair rate make you no longer worry about the after sales problem.

> Competitive price can save your cost for manufacture your UV disinfection system.

> CE approval the stable quality and performance.

> Standard or customized version can be provided on customer request



> electronic ballast for one-lamp operation
> to be used with four-wire lamps
> Preheat start
> > status indication via LED indicators and Alarm
green led: lamp on
red led: lamp fault or no lamp

Technical Data

Lamp power: 10~40W
Lamp type: GPH287T5, GPH357T5,TUV36W
Lamp current: 0.38~0.43A
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Mains voltage: 220~240VAC 50/60Hz
Efficiency.: >90%
Operating frequency: 25~60KHz
Power factor: >0.9 typ.
Ambient temperature: 0~40oC
Tc-temperature: Max. 70oC
Dimensions: 105X60X40mm
Weight: 0.50Kg


Optional Parts
01 Input wire: CE UL …
02 Output wire: 4X20AWG 4X18AWG…
03 Lamp connector G10Q
04 Water joint PG9, PG13.5, M16X1.5
05 Dust cover

Mounting Restrictions

Disconnect input power before installing or servicing
Ballast case must be grounded
Don’t short any two wires of the input and output wires
Max.Cable length between the ballast and lamp: 3.0m
For indoor use only

uv ballast 40W, 425mA